Sustainability at Hylands Estate

In July 2019, Chelmsford City Council made a declaration of a Climate and Ecological Emergency with an ongoing commitment to make the council’s activities net zero by 2030. The ambition is to engage residents, community organisations, and businesses in contributing to a sustainable future for Chelmsford and the surrounding areas.

You can read about the Climate and Ecological Emergency Action Plan via the Love Your Chelmsford website, where reporting for council-wise initiatives is recorded.

Here at Hylands Estate, as well as looking after our buildings, we are surrounded by glorious parkland which is cared for by the Parks Services team at Chelmsford City Council. Together with this team, we are committed to making our beautiful house, stables, and grounds a green haven with sustainability and the environment at the forefront of our minds. This is especially important when we are reviewing procedures, engaging with external partners and suppliers, and booking in events which create high footfall to our destination.

Learn more below about our commitments to making sure Hylands Estate continues to thrive for years to come.