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Outdoor Events Hire

Hylands Estate can be hired for a variety of outdoor large events and shows. Hylands is an ideal location for commercial events such as: music festivals, car shows, outdoor cinemas and more. We can also be hired for family gatherings, charity, and community events.

Most recently, we have hosted the very first Creamfields South Festivals and have hosted notable events such as The National Flower Show, FriendsFest, RiZE Festival and V Festival. With 574 acres of parkland available, with fully accessible roads on the estate and services, Hylands Estate is ideal for a diverse range of events suitable for all sizes.

We are located near the centre of Chelmsford, Essex and situated only a few minutes from the A12. Chelmsford railway station is a quick 35 minute journey from London Liverpool St. For more details on location please see the Explore page.

Hylands Estate is ran by Chelmsford City Council and all events are required to follow the Council’s Outdoor Event Policy.

Questions to Consider

We are accepting  applications for events at Hylands Estate. Before you make your application, please consider the following:

Do you need to hire Hylands Estate?

You do not need to hire and there is no charge if:

  • no more than 50 people are attending your event and you will only be bringing in a gazebo and/or a few outdoor chairs
  • your event is taking place during the park’s normal opening hours
  • you will not be playing any music at your event
  • you are mindful of other people using the park and/or area you are using
  • you are not having a BBQ, as these are not permitted
  • you clean up the area after your visit
  • you are not undertaking any activity that could pose a risk to anyone coming to your event, or other visitors to the park

What information do you already have for your event?

We will ask for the following in the application:

  • An exact description of what your event is and its purpose
  • Full schedule of activity detailing from the start of occupation until the end and event timings
  • If the event is a repeat of a previous event, please provide details of the previous event and details of any way in which the proposed event may differ
  • Any other information that you think would be relevant to your application

Do you have an events management plan?

For guidance on what we expect from an Events Management Plan, download the list of requirements here.

How sustainable is your event?

We expect all event hires to have sustainability as part of their Events Management Plan.

Do you need a Premise License?

Premise licenses under Hylands Estate are for select events only and are subject to application submission and completed Events Management Plan. You may need to apply with Chelmsford City Council for a Premise License. Visit the website for more information. 

 Event Application Form

We’ll let you know our decision as soon as possible. How long this takes depends on the availability of the venue and the complexity of your event.

If you need to contact us about your application, you can do so via our email address at

Hylands Estate is owned and operated by Chelmsford City Council. Charity and community events are arranged with Chelmsford City Parks team, whereas commercial events are overseen by the team located at Hylands Estate. Once your application is submitted the relevant team will be in contact.